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It’s been quite a journey. I saw my very first therapist in 2009, it wasn’t until 2011, that I was diagnosed with OCD, Hypochondria, and General Anxiety Disorder. First let me say I am not a theologian, therapist, nor do I have any medical degree. However, I offer you the following as what I bring to the table.  

During the past few years I have engaged in countless anxiety classes, numerous personal therapy sessions, and continuous group meetings. I have encountered hundreds of people like myself who are living with a mental illness. I have met some of everybody; men, women, moms and dads. I have sat with Jews and Gentiles, Blacks and Whites, married and single, gay, and straight. I have watched germaphobics , transgenders, hypochondriacs, hoarders, and rape survivors spill their guts and purge their shame. I have shared coffee with people who hear voices, believe that they are superheroes, or afraid of the monsters that lives inside them. I have seen grown men cry like babies, and youngsters full of self- hatred and bitterness. I have seen social misfits, drag queens, pill poppers, and corporate america in suits and ties. I have strained to hear over someone’s interpreter and sat between the rich and the poor. I have listened to both the  young and the old confess that their greatest wish is to die. I have seen turn ups and meltdowns. I have seen wheelchairs and walkers, police officers and beauty queens. I have seen the non stop talker and the fly on the wall. I have seen me..I have seen and my heart weeps.

Those are the credentials that I offer you. Five decades of living with a mental health disorder; and four of those decades not knowing that a medical diagnosis was available and recovery was possible! Now I know.

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This Mental Health Support Group was started with the belief that every single one of us is resilient, and that our resilience can be fostered with the help and support of a community. Our members provide the place and space for personal growth, self-reflection, learning, and bonding. We invite you to find out more information and hope you will join us.

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Stylish African American


Msmablesparrows, Inc. was started with the belief that every single one of us are valuable, and worthy. Our mission is that every single Sparrow acknowledges, accepts, and adheres to the teachings of Luke 12,6&7.. and flies 
that; a

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“The person who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones”


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