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Music As A Healing Tool

My A-Z music playlist 

Music has always been a valuable resource to many of us who suffer from OCD and mental anxieties. Gospel is my “go to” source. It is were I can find that balance and hope. What genera do you prefer? 
Addictive Love; by Bebe & Cece Winans
Blessed ; by Fred HammondCindy Song ( I Found Love); by Bebe WinansDestiny ; by Tina Campbell *Flaws; by Kiara Shears*Grateful; by Hezekia Walker Here I am To Worship; by Tim HughesI  Give Myself Away; by McMcDowell*JKLooking  For You; by Kirk Franklin *Majesty; by Michael Smith Nobody Greater; by Vashawn Mitchell *One Way; by Tamela Mann *Praise Is What I Do; by William Murphy *Q RestoreMy Faith; by Vadia Rhodes*Smile; by Kirk Franklin Take Me To The King; by Tamela Mann*UVictory  (123); by Kirk Franklin We Shall Behold Him; by Sandi PattiYesterday; by Mary MaryZ

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